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Unmanned surveillance boat

Modular unmanned surface vehicle dedicated to surveillance and law enforcement maritime operations "EDREDON" was developed within a R&D project lead by The Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia together with The Gdańsk University of Technology.

Application areas:

  • reconnaissance;
  • search, detection and destruction of mines;
  • enhancing state's maritime security;
  • Assisting in special forces' operations;
  • During radio-electronic war;
  • Assisting in secret maritime operations;
  • Towing targets used in low-caliber artillery shotting practice, etc. 

Apart from military tasks mentioned above, the vehicle might be used in pursuits and interventions in coastal regions and during port approaches as well as supervision of ports, road-steads, anchorages, port approach courses and other areas with high vessel traffic; other uses involve controlling exploration and exploitation activity at sea (e.g., oil rig), monitoring transport of dangerous substances, continual surveillance of water areas mentioned above and vessels there. It might also be used in sea pollution detection and determining its culprits as well as in rescue missions at sea etc. 

The USV's rquipment can be adjusted to the individual need of the customer.

Files to download